Businesses with purpose have the willpower to transform society

B.E. Blank & Company donates two percent of annual management company net profits to an affiliated foundation that provides a pathway for socioeconomically disadvantaged high school students to escape a cycle of poverty through military service. Through our foundation, deserving high school students obtain mentorship from a U.S. military veteran and financial assistance purchasing necessary readiness items for the military’s entrance examinations and basic training programs.

Our foundation seeks to provide a single solution that betters society by simultaneously addressing five core areas of concern.
Unsustainable Student Loan Debt

Student loan debt is increasing at alarming rates and is at all-time highs

U.S. military veterans may qualify for the GI Bill to fully fund tuition, textbooks, and living expenses associated with college or trade school

Historically Low Home Ownership

Home ownership for 25 to 34 year olds is at historic lows

U.S. military veterans may qualify for the VA Home Loan program, which allows veterans to purchase a home without having to put 20% of the home’s purchase price down at closing

Private Sector Skilled Labor Shortage

Companies are facing challenges finding qualified talent for technical and skilled labor opportunities

The U.S. military funds technical and high-skilled training in addition to providing hands-on operating experience during active duty service

Breaking A Cycle of Poverty

Socioeconomically disadvantaged high school students are most at risk for a lifetime of poverty

Management has observed many success stories of socioeconomically disadvantaged youth utilizing the military for upward social mobility

U.S. Military Recruiting Shortfall

One of the largest trainers and employers of technical and skilled labor is facing substantial challenges with recruiting today’s youth

Local veterans are better able to connect with local youth than military recruiters, who are typically not originally from the geographic area where they are recruiting, and are primarily focused on meeting time-sensitive recruiting goals