We seek to partner with law firms that are values-aligned and mission oriented

We believe that conscious capitalism is a force multiplier that can inspire law firms to operate above the profession’s high ethical standards. Our capital can help create a world where attorneys utilize their talents as accelerating forces for bettering society.

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An aligned ecosystem can create long-term value for all stakeholders.

Clients Satisfied clients can be more loyal, long-term focused, and less likely to switch law firms based on fees
Community Law firms that engage with their communities through service and volunteerism often benefit from increased visibility and client demand
Capital Providers
Capital Providers Law firms that view capital providers as long-term business partners often benefit from strategic financial decision-making
Equity Partners
Equity Partners Equity partners who focus on long-term benefits to all stakeholders can create alignment so that the law firm’s profitability is sustainable
Service Providers
Service Providers Law firms that engage meaningfully with their vendors often benefit from increased employee retention, client satisfaction, and profitability
Employees Emotionally invested employees can be inspired, committed, loyal, more productive, and less likely to engage in risky behavior
Aligned Ecosystem